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Modern Tattoo Removal Is Very Effective

Have you ever met somebody who has had a tattoo removed? If the removal procedure was done several years ago, the scars left behind might look more unsightly than the actual tattoo. Many people would rather just live with their tattoo and hope it fades away. In the past, it was very difficult to remove tattoos, especially those with color. Modern laser removal technologies allow much more complete and aesthetically pleasing removal. This article explains the process and risks of modern laser tattoo removal.

Removing Tattoos with Laser

Modern laser technologies allow specialists to remove tattoos of all sizes and colors. First, it should be noted that it is very hard to give an estimate for tattoo removal. The cost will depend partly on the size of the tattoo. However, the actual colors within the tattoo will also influence the removal process. Removing black tattoo ink is the easiest because the black pigment absorbs all lasers of all wavelengths. However, different colors absorb the laser wavelengths differently. Different lasers need to be used to remove different colors. This is why colored tattoos are more time consuming and expensive. Modern tattoo removers have mastered the use of different lasers. They are more accurate and less painful. The process is still time consuming, but the experts will produce much better results.

The difficulty of removing your tattoo will also depend on several other variables. For example, was your tattoo done by a professional or was it done by a friend? It also depends on how deep the pigment is in your skin. Certain skin tones will absorb the pigment differently. In reality, the only way to get an accurate measurement of the time and cost of your tattoo removal is to get a professional consultation and estimate. Even then, that is only an estimate and the procedure will often be harder (or easier) than initially predicted.

The Procedure

With all of the switching between lasers, the procedure requires a lot of patience. It will require several return visits to the clinic (often over 10!). The laser procedure is a little painful, but not as bad as actually getting a tattoo. You will not be numbed or put to sleep during the treatment. You will often be in a comfortable chair, watching TV while the specialist goes to work.  

The process of getting a tattoo removed is costly and time consuming, but well worth it if you have a regrettable tattoo. For more information, talk to a professional like Laser Ink Removals.