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Natural Bath Products To Buy For Your Home

There are quite a few natural bath products that are available online. These run the gamut from beautifully handmade soaps to luxurious bath oils. The sheer amount of what is available can be overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you pick out some items that you can browse and pick out for your bathroom. Some of these products are also great gift ideas, so if you happen to like them you can get two and give one to a friend.  

Handmade Castile Soap

Handmade soaps are amazing. They feel much creamier and smoother than commercially produced soaps. When you are shopping for handmade soaps, you might want to look at Castile soap. This name referrers to soap made with Olive Oil. The name comes from the region in Spain where this method of making soap originated. The olive oil creates a super luxuriating and creamy soap. When you buy handmade soap you will often have a variety of scent options. Soap makers use essential oils to make these soaps fragment. So make sure to ask if the soap was scented with lavender oil, lemongrass oil, or some other scent.

Lavender Scented Bath Oils

Speaking of oils, another great product you can get is scented bath oils. These are used when soaking in the tub and are very relaxing. The essential oil is normally mixed with a carrier oil and then put into a container. Some great calming and relaxing scented oils include chamomile or the aforementioned lavender. When choosing a scented bath oil for your bathroom, make sure to buy an oil that comes in a shatterproof container, especially if you are going to leave it next to the tub.

Natural Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are fun and enjoyable. They can add bubbles via their effervescence, and also scent the bath. You should look for a bath bomb that is made of naturally effervescent materials such as baking soda. Also, when choosing a naturally scented bath bomb, you want to make sure that the only ingredients are essential oils and not synthetic oils which might cause a skin reaction.

Naturally Scented Bath Salts

Finally, one last natural bath product that you should investigate buying are scented bath salts. These are just what they sound like. It's large salt, frequently sea salt, that has essential oil added to it. This salt dissolves in the bathtub and makes the water into a nice saltwater soak. Again, make sure that you choose natural bath salts that haven't been colored with artificial colors or have synthetic scents added to it.

Natural bath products make great gifts and self-care products. Look into purchasing some from your local beauty store today!