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3 Ways a Medical Spa Can Turn Back the Hands of Time

When you drive by a medical spa you may be thinking that they offer some form of therapy or aftercare for things like back injuries and massage therapy. The truth is, some do offer those services, but they also offer other services that can be beneficial if you want to reduce the signs of aging and turn back the hands of time. Here are just a few ways a medical spa can help you feel better about your appearance.

Laser Hair Removal

Over time you may get tired of shaving your legs or underarms, and you might worry about the facial hair that keeps cropping up out of nowhere. You may also have issues with excessive hair in areas, such as your upper lip or between your eyebrows.

If this sounds like an issue you are having, a medical spa can help with laser hair removal. Most medical spas, also have licensed nurses and medical staff to ensure that you are receiving the best possible services for your needs. 

Stretch Mark Reduction

There is a common misconception that the only time you would receive stretch marks is from child birth. The truth is, if your weight has yo-yo'd significantly, such as being overweight and then losing a lot of weight, you may have stretch marks as a result.

This may make you feel self-conscious about your body and cause you to dress differently or even act differently when you are in public. A medical spa can help with this through stretch mark reduction services. They can offer you several options and work with your insurance to achieve the results you want that will make you feel better about your body and yourself.

Cosmetic Injections

The most common form of this injection is Botox. Though you can get Botox injections from certain doctor offices, a medical spa can offer the same treatment. In some cases, they offer more than facial cosmetic injections that can help with other issues throughout your body. Areas of the body may include breasts, neck, and buttocks.

These three ways a medical spa can make you look and feel younger, and these are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have never visited a medical spa, consider scheduling an overall consultation through resources like Dolce vita Medical Spa & Salon to discuss your issues and your options. They can discuss procedures that are safe and affordable.