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2 Safety Tips That A Tattoo Artist Follows To Help Keep You Safe When Getting Your Tattoo

Getting a new tattoo from a tattoo artist at a tattoo parlor can be something that is likely going to be very new and exciting for you. You are given the option to choose whatever tattoo that you would like, and this tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body. While getting a tattoo is something that should be positive and fun, it should also be something that is safe. Tattoo artists are trained to perform several different safety protocols in order to make sure that you are kept safe while getting your tattoo. This article is going to discuss 2 safety tips that a professional tattoo artist has been trained to do to help ensure that your tattoo is not only done correctly, but is also a positive experience for you. 

They Wear Disposable Gloves 

When your tattoo artist is giving you your tattoo, they realize how important it is for them to wear disposable gloves. These gloves are going to minimize the chances of the germs on their hands giving you some type of infection. Since a tattoo is creating an open wound on your skin, it is going to make it more prone to infection. The disposable gloves are excellent for tattoo artists because they are thin enough to where they are not going to affect the accuracy of their work, and they can simply be thrown away afterwards so that the tattoo artist doesn't have to worry about trying to clean the blood or other items off of them. 

The Needles Should Come From Sealed Packaging 

The needle that the tattoo artist is going to use to create your tattoo is going to come from a sealed package. This is going to help ensure that the needle is completely sterile when it first touches your skin. You will want to either ask the tattoo artists where their needles come from and if they are sterile, or you can simply watch them to see where they get their needles from. This is something else that is going to reduce your risk of getting some type of infection in your skin and is going to help your skin to more successfully heal around the tattoo. Your tattoo artist may even change your needle out through the process in order to get different thicknesses for the ink of your tattoo, and this needle will also be coming from sealed packaging.